With a decade of experience, TalentSurge offers a unique approach to recruiting which helps us attract great talent. Take a look at the internet today, everyone strives to have as many connections as possible in their social and/or business related online account. Our industry knowledge and expertise is judged on how many connections we have on these sites. What is missing is the actual human aspect of relationship building. Relationships are based on trust and knowing how to utilize one's network. This is imperative to in staying ahead in the marketplace. We get out there and get to know the "A" players out there.

Clients enjoy working with TalentSurge because we go above and beyond conventional recruiting techniques and can attract the right talent. The time and energy it takes to find this talent is offered at a very competitive fee structure saving them time and money.

TalentSurge attracts the employers that would rather use our model than try create a new system within their organization. Direct sourcing or indirect recruiting is also sometimes difficult within a corporate environment, since some clients can't target specific talent from a competitor. We handle all of that for you.

TalentSurge takes care of both sides of the relationship equation. By getting to know the best talent out there and actively learning our client's culture, environment and expectations, we are making the art of finding the right candidate that will fit from the start a success.