"Of the 1,000's of staffing professionals I have worked with, TalentSurge is one of the best and most dedicated staffing companies I have had the pleasure with whom to work. They are committed to working with the "A" client companies in the Boston area. By using the true art of recruiting, TalentSurge's team are able to attract and recruit the best of the best candidates that may not be looking, but open to a move if it is the right step for their career. If I were hiring a professional in Boston, TalentSurge and their team would be my "go to" team!"
- Global Vice President of Training & Development

"I have worked with TalentSurge on numerous engagements. I have found TalentSurge a joy to work with. TalentSurge is a truly professional; bright, concise, an expert in their field and flexiblable to deal with changing demands. TalentSurge also has very high integrity so I have confidence that the service they provide or represent is 100% accurate. That level of service and professionalism is lacking in today's business climate. Please accept my highest accolades and recommendation for TalentSurge."
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
- Vice President of Human Resources

"TalentSurge pays attention to details, is responsive to requests, provides great service to their clients and are team players."
- Product Manager

"TalentSurge is a highly talented recruiting company. TalentSurge helped me find a Client Service Director for a prior company and did it with such ease I hired TalentSurge again. "
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
- Director, Associate Mobilization

"I was referred to TalentSurge to interview for a Recruiting Manager position. Their expertise, enthusiasm, and attention to detail were impressive. I would highly recommend them to any organization or individual!"
- Staffing Agent / Recruiter

"TalentSurge is a great company to network with and partner with. With a vast knowledge of Staffing and Human Resources, TalentSurge is a wonderful resource!"
- Branch Manager

"I strongly recommend TalentSurge. They are industrious and driven for success, but also appreciate the importance of family and community."
- Director of National Accounts

"During the past year, I have much appreciated the professional no nonsense approach of TalentSurge. After 20 years in financial interim management, I am pleased to experience that you can still find service providers who are motivated to run the extra mile to deliver superior quality. All agreements and arrangements were managed in a way you might expect from a "Global Professional". Thank you and looking forward to work with you again."
- Financial Interim Manager, Change Management

"I reached out to TalentSurge when a search I was working on dead-ended. TalentSurge jumped in, came up to speed very quickly, provided a superb pool of candidates, and found us a top-notch hire. TalentSurge's smart and bright work-ethic made the process worthwhile. I highly recommend TalentSurge and their recruiting & talent services."
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
- Vice President of Human Resources

"TalentSurge is a hard-working community leader who invested time and energy to help the homeless of Greater Boston move from shelters to homes. They are capable of juggling volunteer commitments with their professional career and they have made a real difference in the lives of many individuals."
- Director of Development

"TalentSurge is truly an expert in the recruiting field. Their knowledge of the art of recruiting made it a pleasure to work with them. They are extremely dependable and constantly demonstrated the desire to achieve excellence."
- Vice President

"TalentSurge is outgoing, friendly, hard working and dedicated. During our time working together I noticed their commitment to the company and passion to be successful in their role."
- Northeast Division Support Manager

"TalentSurge has been a reliable and important partner in my job search efforts. They are very familiar with the field and quickly responds to opportunities."
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
- Director of Communications

"I work with all of our offices on a national basis, and it is very important that people share pertinent, timely information with me regarding their local Associates. TalentSurge was always professional and positive in our working relationship, and was always very timely in responding to my requests for information and following up with their Associates. Their attention to their Associates and making sure they were a priority was an essential element of their role, which they performed with great passion. They would be a welcome addition to any organization."
- Senior Director, Associate Mobilization

"My company only worked with TalentSurge on one project. But TalentSurge came through at a time where we definitely needed help. They were results oriented. They are energetic, trustworthy, and driven. I continue to keep in contact with them on professional and personal level."
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
- Recruiter/Account Executive

"TalentSurge did an outstanding job aggressively pursuing opportunities for me. Always positive, always considering options for leads to turn them into successful placements. High energy and willing to go the extra mile for you."
- Director of Finance

"I had the opportunity to work with TalentSurge on various projects. TalentSurge has strong communication skills and is great at networking. They are able to quickly develop trusting professional relationships. TalentSurge is very motivated, enthusiastic, and results driven."
- On-Site Staffing Manager